Tales from Thunderthius

The Kobolds of the King's Road.

The adventurers are on the King’s Road, travelling towards Winterhaven.

The wind in your face is cool and comfortable. The road beneath your feet is level. An occasional ancient cobblestone peeks through the dirt road, indicating decades of neglect. You notice footprints leading up and down the road – many of which were made by small, clawed feet.

After throwing a strop, one of the adventurers causes a disturbance. Small creatures hiding in a cabin spring into view and move towards you. With a shriek, the small humanoids attack. Scaled and rust-coloured, they have reptilian heads and tails.

Htom shoots an arrow through the first creature, whilst the other runs towards a rocky outcrop in the distance. The small creature alerted the others from his camp. Four more kobolds spring out from behind the rock!

One kobold is impaled whilst standing on the rocky outcrop. It falls back into a flame pit, still with the Javelin through it. The kobold catches fire, and the fire spreads. The adventurers then furiously try to put out the spreading fire. After much struggling, the succeed.

After one adventurer is knocked unconscious, the group decide to push forward to Winterhaven.



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